Epigraphical Series

A unique series of publications devoted to the study of epigraphical sources in the East Asian context. Outstanding specialists of the field present here annotated editions and translations of important inscriptions together with the results of research related to those texts.

The Shaolin Monastery Stele on Mount Song

By Tonami Mamoru

The Shaolin Monastery Stele on Mount Song
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The celebrated Shaolin Monastery on Mount Song preserves a considerable number of ancient stone monuments with engraved inscriptions. This masterly epigraphical study by one of the leading Japanese historians of China focuses on the important political relations between this important religious institution and the imperial court in medieval China. It includes a summary history of research on the stele composed by Pei Cui (ca. 665-736), and discusses the importance attached to it by the Shaolin monks. P. A. Herbert translated the text from Japanese with annotations.