Buddhist Asia

The volumes in this series are jointly published with the Centre of Buddhist Studies of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”. They collect papers read at the conferences organized by the Centre on different topics related to Asian Buddhism.

Buddhist Asia 1

Papers from the First Conference of Buddhist Studies Held in Naples in May 2001

Edited by Giovanni Verardi and Silvio Vita

Buddhist Asia 1
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Table of Contents

  • Images of destruction: an Enquiry into Hindu Icons in their Relation to Buddhism, by Giovanni Verardi
  • A Vajarayanic Theme in the Rock Sculpture of Swat, by Anna Filigenzi
  • Some considerations on the Relationship between Hindu and Buddhist Tantras, by Francesco Sferra
  • Canonical Quotations in the Khotanese Book of Vimalakirti, by Mauro Maggi
  • Eros and Death in Esoteric Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, by Giacomella Orofino
  • The Excavations at the Fengxiansi Site in Longmen, China, by Erika Forte
  • On the Origin of the Purple Kasaya in China, by Antonino Forte
  • Dharmaaraksa and Khanthaka: White Horse Monasteries in Early Medieval China, by Antonello Palumbo
  • Printings of the Buddhist “Canon” in Modern Japan, by Silvio Vita