The “Essays” are normally collections of papers put together at the ISEAS on different occasions. They are edited by the ISEAS staff or by its Director, often in cooperation with other scholars in the field.

Tang China and Beyond

Studies on East Asia from the Seventh to the Tenth Century

Edited by Antonino Forte

Tang China and Beyond
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This collection of essays about China, Korea and Japan from the 7th to the 10th century presents an overview of religion, art and politics over one of the most creative periods in East Asian history. The essays, in English and Italian, are primarily concerned with Buddhism and its relationship to the Chinese state during the Tang Dynasty.

Table of Contents

  • How Xuanzang Learned about Nalanda, by Kuwayama Shōshin
  • Un gioiello della rete di Indra: la lettera che dalla Cina Fazang inviò a Uisang in Corea, by Antonino Forte
  • The Nine Tripods of Empress Wu, by Riccardo Fracasso
  • Li Hua and Buddhism, by Silvio Vita
  • Documents of Local Administration in the Nara Period: the Household Registers and the Tax Registers, by Takeuchi Rizō (foreword, translation and notes by Maria Chiara Migliore)
  • Brief Remarks on the Buddha-Land Ideology in Silla during the Seventh and Eighth Centuries, by Rhi Ki-Yŏng
  • Fonti letterarie sulla pittura di fiori e uccelli durante i Tang, by Sandra Stefani
  • Gli specchi Tang: note sulla cronologia e tipologia, by G. Aurora Testa