Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers series collects in slim volumes of about one hundred pages the texts of lectures given at the ISEAS, presented with full footnotes, bibliography, and in most cases with a general index at the end.

Where the Roads met

East and West in the Silk Production Processes (17th to 19th Century)

By Claudio Zanier

East and West in the Silk Production Processes
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This book explores the role of exchanges between Europe and China in the development of pre-modern silk technology, particularly focusing on silk production in the Italian kingdom of Piedmont.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword, by Antonino Forte
  • Acknowledgements
  • Pew-Modern Europian Silk Technology and Eats Asia: Who Imported What? (17TH TO 19TH CENTURIES)
    - Introduction
    - Silk reeling and silk throwing
    - The contribution of China to silk reeling and silk throwing
    - Concluding remarks
  • The European Quest for East Asian Sericultural Techniques: Matthieu Bonafous and The Translation of The  YŌSAN HIROKU 養蚕秘録 IN 1848
    - Julien’s translation of Chinese works on sericulture (1837)
    - About Bonafous
    - The European edition of the Yōsan hiroku