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Convegni e workshop su temi specifici sono organizzati di norma in collaborazione con università o istituti di ricerca giapponesi ed europei. École Française d’Extrême-Orient e Institute for Research in Humanities rimangono i partners privilegiati per i convegni, ma la collaborazione in questo campo non è esclusiva. La Scuola è presente da più di trent’anni nella comunità scientifica internazionale tra i centri di ricerca stranieri in Giappone dove presentare i risultati degli studi in corso.
RICE Italy & Japan - an online workshop

Convegni e workshops

RICE Italy & Japan – an online workshop

May 27 2022  16:00-19:30 JST (9:00-12:30 CET)

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Rice is an important element of food culture in Italy and Japan, where it plays a primary role in terms of production, gastronomic tradition, and artistic representation. Following the “farm to table” approach, the contributions to this workshop will touch upon rice cultivation and production chains shared by the two countries despite differences in cultivation and harvesting techniques. Rice will provide inspiration to explore the implications of technological innovation for production systems and sustainability, as well as environmental impact. The influence that rice exerts on economic and social contexts—in production, distribution, and consumption—will also be considered. From this perspective, the workshop will focus on production methods, organoleptic characteristics, and food safety, but will also deal with the profound link between tradition and innovation that distinguishes the sector. The range of contributions will embrace agricultural science and economy, as well as several other branches of knowledge, including the humanities, in keeping with the multidisciplinary tradition of ISEAS workshops.