Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers series collects in slim volumes of about one hundred pages the texts of lectures given at the ISEAS, presented with full footnotes, bibliography, and in most cases with a general index at the end.

The New Japanese Novel

Popular Culture and Literary Tradition in the Work of Murakami Haruki and Yoshimoto Banana

By Giorgio Amitrano

The New Japanese Novel
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Murakami Haruki and Yoshimoto Banana are among the most representative contemporary Japanese writers. This book critically evaluates their literary production in the context of contemporary Japanese and Western culture.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword, by Antonino Forte
  • Introduction

1. Murakami Haruki or the search for a lost plot
2. Yoshimoto Banana. Inside and beyond shōjo aesthetics

  • AppendixA: Works by Murakami Haruki
  • Appendix B: Works by Yoshimoto Banana