Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers series collects in slim volumes of about one hundred pages the texts of lectures given at the ISEAS, presented with full footnotes, bibliography, and in most cases with a general index at the end.

A Jewel in Indra’s Net

The Letter Sent by Fazang in China to Uisang in Korea

By Antonino Forte

A Jewel in Indra’s Net
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A masterful philological study on a famous letter sent by the Chinese Buddhist master Fa Zang (643-712) to his Korean colleague Uisang. This work focuses on the ideological implications of the letter in the context of the 7th century Hwa Yen Buddhism.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Fazang’s letter: meanings and historical context
  • Chapter 2: Critical edition and annotated translation
    - Fazang’s letter and “separate sheet”
    - Annotated translation of the letter and of the “separate sheet”
    - The rise of the Dharmadhātu, Indra’s net, the realms of the Buddha
  • Chapter 3: The date of Fazang’s letter
    - Dates proposed
    - Unacceptability of the proposed dates
    - A possible solution
  • Appendix A: On the authenticity of Fazang’s autograph
  • Appendix B: On the expression renxin zhi ci 人信之次
  • Appendix C: On the expression junte zaoguan 君特澡罐