Buddhist Asia

The volumes in this series are jointly published with the Centre of Buddhist Studies of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”. They collect papers read at the conferences organized by the Centre on different topics related to Asian Buddhism.

Buddhist Asia 2

Papers from the Second Conference of Buddhist Studies Held in Naples in June 2004

Edited by Giacomella Orofino and Silvio Vita

Buddhist Asia 2
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Table of Contents

  • ‘Preceded by Thought are The Dhammas’: The Ancient Exegesis on Dhammapada 1-2, by Giulio Agostini
  • The Number of Stanzas in the Vessantara-Jataka: Preliminary Observations, by Claudio Cicuzza and Peter Skilling
  • Contradictions on the Way to Liberation: Dharmakīrti’s Solutions, by Cristina Pecchia
  • The Srin Mo Demoness and the Submission to the Buddhist Tibetan Dharma: Some Different Modes of Her Transformation, by Carla Gianotti
  • Yamāntaka-Vajrabhairava in Modern China: Analysis of 20th Century Translations from Tibetan, by Ester Bianchi
  • Some Remarks on the Authorship and Chronology of the Yin Chi Ru Jing Zhu 陰持入經註: The Second Phase in the Development of Early Chinese Buddhist Exegetical Literature, by Stefano Zacchetti
  • Foreign Art and Foreign Rulers: Considerations on Buddhist Narrative Art in Fifth-Century China, by Nicoletta Celli